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 Brawl & Brawl+ friendcodes

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PostSubject: Brawl & Brawl+ friendcodes   Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:03 pm

Post your friendcodes for Brawl/Brawl+.

Name: Mario
Friendcode: 3996-6641-9773
Notes: In Brawl+, I replaced Link, Toonlink, Ike, Sonic, Marth, Pit, Lucas, Pikachu, and Sonic with Zero, Fighter Geno, Sora, Neku Shakuraba, Pichu, Mewtwo, Roy, Naruto, and Fire sonic. Final Destination, Wifi waiting room, and Temple have been replaced by Realm of Falcon, Temple of time, and Geno's maze. NPC is smaller and cannot camp.. PTAD has no F-Zero cars. Luigi's mansion's previously unpassable platfrom is now passable, Summit is broken, Big Blue is now slower, and PS1 is glitchy. You may expect those when playing me in Brawl+

Brawl: Mario, Kirby, Toonlink, Ness
Brawl+: Mario, Kirby, Ness, Captain Falcon.
PSA: Geno, Pichu, Sora, Naruto

main stages
Brawl: Final destination, Delfino Plaza, Norfair, Smashville
Brawl+: Realm of Falcon, Delfino Plaza, Geno's maze, Yoshi's island(SSBB), Smashville

We can play in normal Brawl or Brawl+. I hope to pwn with Captain Falcon!
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Brawl & Brawl+ friendcodes
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